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At the end of March 2019, the MGM420 project has concluded its first phase of 18 months that started in October 2017. This project consists in setting up water points management committees in 420 locations in southern Chad.

  • 12 Animateurs were deployed and based in the regional centers;

  • 243 water management committees have been trained  and are therefore functional (see map below)

  • Pump down rate fell from 60% to 30%

In phase 2, in order to make our action sustainable, we will evaluate, according to quantifiable criteria, the autonomy of the water management committees and launch collaborative pilot projects with village groups engaged in income-generating activities. (For more information download MGM420 Phase I)


The Annual General Meeting was held on May 24, 2019, at Schlumberger's premises in Paris. The agenda included the Activity Report 2018, the Plan for 2019 and the Financial Report and Budget. The aim of the 2019 Plan is to launch phase 2 of the MGM420 project.

The General Assembly approved the activity report and the 2018 accounts, as well as the 2019 plan and budget. 

(For more information download AG 2018)